We are a small country but with a huge appetite for consumerism. At the rate we’re going, Singapore will need to build one new incineration plant every 10-15 years and one new landfill the size of Sentosa every 35-45 years! Your first few times recycling could be confusing, you'll wind up constantly googling if this or that can be recycled. It's hard at first but don't let that bring you down, the little red dot needs recycling. So here's a condensed guide to help you out if you happen to be struggling with recycling in Singapore Singapore Recycling Policies Recyclable waste must be clean and not contaminated with food waste or liquids. Containers must be empty and residual food or drinks mu


It's easy to live a low-waste lifestyle when you are at home. You have so much control. You are free to recycle, use eco-friendly cleaners and limit your water usage. It's hard to say the same when you're out and about, your conscious morals starts to get tested. Once you are more conscious on plastic waste, you will start to realise it creeping in from all around you whenever you're out in the town. There will be times when you start to think “Its only one straw” “I'll just take one plastic bag since i don't have a bag” Being ready for this kind of events is key if you are really serious about going plastic free. But not too ready that you are always carrying around a suitcase of items in y


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