Goal: SGD13,000

Help us build a permanent home for our zero waste grocery and lifestyle store with a social cause by supporting us. Every single cent goes to our physical shop and we would love to have you be part of us! 

Here's how to contribute:

1) Choose amount 

2) Pay by DBS PayLah! or iBank/ATM transfer

3) Save a screenshot/photo of transaction

4) Email it to

5) Receive a confirmation email

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When will your shop open and how long is crowdfunding?

We're glad you asked because we can't wait too! Once our crowdfunding goal has been met, we will open a few weeks later. Our target is the 4th quarter of 2018.

Where will your shop be?

Highly likely we'll be in the eastern side of Singapore.

Is the progress chart live?

We try to keep costs as minimal as possible so we will manually update the progress chart every 3 hours or so. This is referring to the circular chart near the top of this webpage that tracks how much contribution people have made.

Why is my contribution going to a personal POSB eSavings account?

Here are some of the requirements for one to have a corporate bank account: 1) A registered business with ACRA 2) A minimum amount of SGD3,000 for DBS corporate account We have neither of these and this will lead you to the next question. A separate POSB account was specifically created on the 2nd of April 2018 to direct all the crowdfunding money.

Are you registered with ACRA and have a corporate account?

Yes as promised, when we hit the SGD3,000 mark, we registered under ACRA. We're in the midst of settling paperwork for a corporate account!

Can I request for a screenshot of the bank account balance?

Yes absolutely! Please email us at and we will provide you with the latest balance which will tally with the progress chart.

Can I make payment by cheque?

Yes please email us and we will provide you with the details.

Why are you not using a crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter?

Initially, that was our plan but these platforms and credit card payment take a chunk of your contribution. For example, Indiegogo takes 5% for platform fees and 3% + USD0.30 per transaction. So if you contribute $50, the actual amount you're contributing is $45, subject to currency exchange rate.

What happens if you don't reach the goal by then?

In that case, the crowdfunding still runs until we do.

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