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Kids Gift Pack
  • Kids Gift Pack

    The ultimate gift for children this festive season! Packed in a fully compostable box, this special pack is the best you can give to kickstart a child's zero waste journey. Children afterall are our future generation.



    1 X Captain Green and the Plastic Scene book

    1 X Kids Bamboo Straw

    1 X Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

    1 X Big Brush Cleaner

    1 X Green Tea No Nasties Soap


    Captain Green and the Plastic Scene book

    Follow how Captain Green uses what he has learnt in super hero school to tackle the plastic problem on Earth! This book will nudge the eco warrior in a child :)

    Written by Evelyn Bookless when she was residing in Singapore. She has moved back to Europe in 2018. 


    Kids Bamboo Straw

    The most sustainable alternative to a plastic straw. Sterilise by boiling for a few minutes and air dry completely. Did you know, bamboo grows up to 30cm a day? Super cool! Lasts more than a year if well maintained.



    Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

    One of the best products to start off your eco-friendly journey! Handle is made of sustainable and fully compostable bamboo. Bristles are charcoal infused nylon that must be removed if composting is intended. Perfect for children 4-10 years old. Paint dip used is non-toxic. Please keep in a cool dry place.

    H 14cm

    W 1.2cm


    Big Brush Cleaner

    This brush is more suitable for bamboo and bubble tea straws. Food grade stainless steel and nylon bristle. Store in cool dry place.



    Green Tea No Nasties Soap

    This amazing soap is yes - suitable for hair, face and body. How awesome is that!

    Let's ditch bottled liquid soap and save Earth! Each bar is approximately 90g



    • Adding items and personal notes

      Please drop us a message with your Order Number if you'd like to add items into this box (eg. 4 more toothbrushes) but of course, only those that can fit into this 36x30cm box.

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