We cannot express how thankful we are to those who supported us. All of us didn't expect much from our humble booth but it was surprisingly hip and happening! The days that led to 16th March were crazy to be honest with us running around to get errands done. Obviously everything paid off and we've learnt so much from this experience. Above is our contact card because we think having business cards are unnecessary. Take a picture of it and talk to us if you'd like to know who's who!

There were a total of 16 different products that were selected out of our whole inventory. This booth was in conjunction with a mass exercising event - Yoga, Pilates and Muay Thai so we had superfoods such as Moringa, Acai berry and Maca powders.

"Mommy please I need that moolah to get me that zero waste kit". The kit was exclusively for our crowdfunding contributors and so the items were not for sale. It consists of

1) A tote bag upcycled from unwanted and scrap fabric. Those bags were sewn by a lovely local youth by the name of Sarah who made them despite her busy schooling schedule! We love to empower the youth because well, they're our future.

2) Reusable bamboo straws and straw brush cleaners. The bamboo straws were hand crafted by youths and their families in Lombok, Indonesia as their sole source of income. Did you know that variety of bamboo is often regarded as worthless? They are often burnt to make way for agriculture.

"Are these for sale?". No, sorry guys! If we sell these, we won't be able to run our booth haha. We literally grabbed whatever decor thingamajigs we had at home and put our trust on one of us who has an eye for ornamentation. Besides the upcoming booth in April, we'll also be busy with new things for our physical shop and company. See you then!

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