It's easy to live a low-waste lifestyle when you are at home. You have so much control. You are free to recycle, use eco-friendly cleaners and limit your water usage. It's hard to say the same when you're out and about, your conscious morals starts to get tested. Once you are more conscious on plastic waste, you will start to realise it creeping in from all around you whenever you're out in the town. There will be times when you start to think “Its only one straw” “I'll just take one plastic bag since i don't have a bag”

Being ready for this kind of events is key if you are really serious about going plastic free. But not too ready that you are always carrying around a suitcase of items in your backpack everyday. Being zero waste should fit into your lifestyle, not the other way round.

How to live green in a not-always-so-green society is preparation. All you need are these few essentials that you'll should never leave home without. Pack them all in a adorable tote bag from the Cotton On Foundation and you are also helping more than just the environment.


Cotton Tote Bag

Cutlery + Straw wrapped in a Handkerchief

Coffee Tumbler


Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Produce Bags

Mason Jars

Filtered Water Bottle

I'll stop you right there. I know what you might be thinking? That is a lot of things especially if you consider your work / school items in as well. But honestly 95% of the time all you need is just a tumbler and your utensil + straw kit.

To simplify packing, we split them into two categories.

CAT 1 are daily essentials that you should bring wherever you go. They don't take up so much space and can easily be brought out in a small bag. Tip: Carry around a folded plastic bag just in case you need to carry a wet umbrella or some frozen chicken.

CAT 2 are more on the optional things. Things that you might have brought around the whole day only to realise that you didn't use it at all. If you bring your own food from home or find yourself not finishing most of your meals, you can bring around a lunch box but do know that it one of the more bulkier items on this list.

Produce Bags and Mason Jars should be saved for when you are planning to go to the wet market, a packaging free store or even NTUC Fairprice to buy your groceries.

A simple 1 - 2 minute of packing before you set out for the day can make a huge difference in reducing your carbon footprint. Be it if you are Less-Waste or No-Waste. We are all on the same boat after all to fight the plastic demon in our daily life.

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