We all need food to survive, we can't simply cut it out just because it has a little bit of plastic on it. However there are alternative ways to obtain your favourite food and drinks while still saving the earth.

In our previous blog we discussed about eco friendly ways to prep and pack your bag for a day out. In it we also mentioned the things to bring along when you are out grocery shopping:

Reusable Tote Bag

Produce Bags

Mason Jars

Containers (If needed)

One of the easiest switch is to ditch the supermarkets. They tend to have their produce in unnecessary plastic packaging to supposedly prevent cross contamination and to keep them fresher. Sure they are convenient but so is your local wet market. There you will find your greens, fruit, meat and all with less packaging. We notice that some are still being packed in plastic bags - chilli padi, shallots, lime and sometimes even potatoes. Ask if they have them loose or find another stall that does.

Favour something sweeter? Fruit stalls and even local supermarkets have sections where you can pick out your own fruit, unpackaged. Again, some fruit stalls at the wet market pack them in styrofoam trays and cling wraps. Politely ask if they have them loose. You might be lucky like us where they said "Have! Inside the fridge here". Invest in produce bags to store the fruit instead of those annoyingly hard to open plastic produce bags that you tear away from a roll. They usually won't bat an eye and even sometimes give you discounts because you're not using their plastic bags!

If you're looking more towards dried food such as beans, grains, quinoa and nuts, you can always get it from us at The Zero Ways. We’re on a break from pop ups but we’ll be back with a bang in July, we promise!

Doing your grocery shopping away from the supermarkets also keeps you healthy. No more aisles and rows of temptations of junk food and sugar loaded processed food. If you happen to use anything that you have gotten from us, snap a pic and tag us on Instagram and we might feature you on one of our stories. Remember. This is a journey and every little bit of effort counts no matter how small. It's okay if you didn't manage to go plastic free today but at least you tried and you'll never know if that little effort enlightened someone without you realising.

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