Maybe you’ve read out previous blog post on fast fashion and decide that you want to change your lifestyle habits a little, until you open your bursting wardrobe and realize that you’ve no idea how to start. There’s always that constant itch to update your wardrobe that you just can’t help but scratch. If you want to take a small step towards saving the Earth while still staying in trend, here are some tips and tricks to do so!

Secondhand & Thrift Stores

Source: Refash

While the rapid rate at which clothing is being thrown out is not ideal, it isn’t a problem that is likely to go away overnight. This problem does, however, open up a huge market for secondhand clothing. The best part is, it’s so easy to find secondhand apparel these days that sell for a fraction of their retail price, but still look brand new!

Carousell, Refash, PraiseHaven Thrift Shop -- these are just some of the places/platforms you can frequent to get a bang for your buck. If you see something that you like in stores or on your favourite blogshop, why not head over to one of these places to see if you can find what you like or something similar for a lower price.

While it’s good that you’ll be giving some of these otherwise unwanted clothing a new lease of life, make sure to still consume consciously! It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying things you don’t really need even while shopping secondhand (maybe even easier since all the prices are lower). Make sure you’re not contributing to the increasing wastage!

Clothing Swap

Source: Swapaholic Facebook Page

When the new comes in, some of the old have to go. That mindset is probably one of the biggest reasons for the massive textile wastage in the world. Instead of simply tossing out our old clothing that we can’t fit into or no longer like, why not swap them for clothes that suit us better?

For instance, Refash takes in your preloved clothing from a few preferred brands (many of them are popular fast fashion labels) as long as they’re in good condition. They’ll then give you a cut of the profits when your clothes get sold. Just pack up the clothes you no longer want and send them in. Otherwise, they’ll be going to the landfills anyway with absolutely no cash in it for you, so why not? You can also head to their shops to pick up some of these trendy pieces secondhand!

Alternatively, check out Swapaholic, where you can swap the clothes you no longer want with clothes that others no longer want. Hopefully, everyone ends up with something they like in the end. It’s a win-win-win -- for the Earth as well! No clothes being thrown out means no wastage, and no new clothes need to be produced for you to be stylish when you’re swapping. Make sure to check out their Facebook page -- they’re constantly educating others about the perils of fast fashion.

There are also clothes swap events organized fairly often by various people. A quick Google search should turn up some results if you’re looking to change up your wardrobe a little.

Recycling and Repurposing

Source: The Finder

If your clothes are worn enough that holes have started appearing in them, good job! That means that you haven’t thrown them out before their life span is up, so kudos to you. But what do you do with them now that they are no longer wearable?

Well, first off, see if you can mend them! Small holes and tears require rudimentary sewing skills that you can easily pick up from YouTube. Otherwise, neighbourhood markets usually have at least one tailor that can help you with that. In fact, try bringing some of your worn out clothing to these tailors and see if they can perhaps re-make them into something else!

If your clothes are beyond saving, try repurposing them. The easiest one, of course, would be to use your old t-shirts as rags or dish cloths. That’s not the only uses for old clothes, though! Check out this awesome article we found that gives you some great idea on how you can do so.

Source: Photo by Dương Trần Quốc on Unsplash

These suggestions just barely covers the tip of the iceberg when it comes to actions you can take to support sustainable fashion. Another easy way to do so would also be to support fashion brands that produce sustainably and ethically. There are loads of them out there, you just have to do a little digging!

We can always do better when it comes to saving the Earth, so don’t just stop at these. We’ve started you out, now go out there and do your own research to see just how much more can be done. Ultimately, do remember that a huge part of zero waste is simply to consume less. Stay tuned for our next post where we help you do just that!

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