The Zero Ways Pte Ltd constantly looks at solutions for social imbalance by working closely with the community and supports fair trade. Wherever possible, we carefully and purposefully operate in such a way that we can empower the underprivileged. Be it small or long term, our team ensures that we perpetually fund and support social projects.


Gumi Zero Waste - an eco-socio enterprise that works with the local youth and their families in Southern Lombok to utilise a certain type of bamboo into reusable straws bringing more economical benefits to the youth and their families.

The Kain Projects - The Kain Projects sells attractive, quality, and affordable handmade fabric products which are alternatives to disposable single use plastics as well as products made from fabric scraps.
They are made together by ladies from the Rohingya refugee community and the local Malaysian low-income community. As part of their training and development, they are learning basic English on Sunday afternoons together with some others from their community. Lessons are FREE for The Kain Projects' team, as part of the profits are reinvested into the development of the team and the products.

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