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Our mission is to normalise environment and social consciousness not only nationally but also globally through the practice of the Circular economy.

The Zero Ways Pte Ltd is a lifestyle store, movement and an educator. Being an eco-social business enterprise, we learn from nature where ecosystems do not produce waste and every living thing complements each other.

Four Elements

The Zero Ways Pte Ltd revolves around four elements which are needed for us to survive – Food, homeware, well-being and clothing. What makes us different from others is we provide holistic zero waste lifestyle solutions, suitable for everyone.


Reduction in single-use plastic is the only viable solution to our planet's problem of pollution. Singapore has an innovative waste disposal system that sends only 2% of its solid waste to landfill. At the rate we are going, we need a new landfill site every 30-35 years. The oceans are heavily polluted with literally islands of plastic floating around and microplastics are consumed by marine animals. This eventually gets onto our plates.

The journey should be a progressive and gradual change that cannot be done overnight. We are still on our way to zero-waste and would love to have everyone else embark on this journey with ease; starting from us. We support local enterprises and hope to be the one who casts the stone to create ripples for the waves of zero-waste.

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